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flexible insulated duct 6mt  x 250mm

R1 6mt x 250 mm flexible R1 insulated duct

  • $97.00

Flexible insulated duct - Download infomation

• Tough Mylar outer jacket
• Metalized-Mylar inner core
• Fully encapsulated spring steel wire
• Flame resistant dry lamination adhesive resin
• High and low pressure suitability
• Low resistance to airflow (correct installation)

• High resistance to waste permeation
• Significantly dampens mechanical vibrations
• Exceeds current fire requirements– see test compliance at bottom of page
• UV resistant

• Metalized Inner Core
• Polyester Insulation
• Metalized Outer Fire Jacket
• Operating Temperature: -20°C to +80°C
• Operation Pressure: -190pa to +1200pa
• General Use: Heating and cooling
• Domestic and commercial systems
• Complies with A.S. 4254-2002
• Test certificates available

Test Compliance
Polyaire duct has been fully tested to comply with the
Building Code of Australia 2005, AS4254(2002) and UL181
Total R Values
Firebreak 25 Rt = 0.6*
Firebreak 50 Rt = 1.0*
*Tests carried out by
1: BRANZ (Thermal resistance measurement)
2: Energy Analysis Consulting Pty Ltd (R value calculations for Polyaire Firebreak Duct)
3: AWTA-CSIRO (AS4254/UL181) Certificates available on request.