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Glass pH electrodes in PTFE case with temperature compensation

Glass pH electrode in PTEF case

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Glass pH electrodes in PTFE case with temperature compensation

Suitable for use with the Meacon pH controller combine to make a very high quality pH meter. This industrial pH electrode is suitable for water quality and wastewater measurements.

Plastic version here

Calibration solution please choose: 4, 7 or 10
Measurement range: 0-14 pH
Room temperature range: 0-60
Temperature range: 0-100
Thread size: 1/2NPT
With temperature compensation, standard cable 5 meters
Measurement range: 0-14pH
Operating temperature range: 0-95
Liquid PTFE: PTFE microporous ring
Connection: low noise cable

Terminals to connect electrode and temperature compensation sensor.

Features: the annular tetrafluoroethylene liquid junction and double liquid junction reference electrode, to prolong the electrode life. The shell is made of glass material, can withstand the strong acid and alkali. Gel like electrolyte does not need to be supplemented with KCL solution.

General aqueous media, drinks industry, electroplating fluids, factory laboratory, fish farming, aquarium, chemicals, Civil and industrial waste water plants, pharmaceuticals, drinking water, food production, breweries and wineries, Pulp and paper mills.


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