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MyPin TA4-SNR  Solid State Relay driver thermostat.

MyPin TA4-SNR 48mm x 48mm Panel Mount SSR Thermostat

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Solid State Relay driver thermostat.

TA series PID Temperature Indicator/Controller

  •  Operation with step control, 2 independent PID control for heating/cooling over temperature, pressure, level, flow meter, etc..Widely used in auto system in line of light industry, chemistry, machine, metallurgy,ceramics, petrification industry, or temperature control and adjust system of food &beverage, oven, furnance, plastic extruder heating process etc.
  •  One key operation, Auto-tuning PID/ Fuzzy PID control.Easy operation, Reliable performance
  • 3 Input: TC(K、J、S、E、T、R、B)/ RTD(Pt100、CU50)universal input, or 4-20mA/0-10V signal from standard pressure/level transmitter, (24V/30mA supply available for standard transmitter)
  • 4 Accuracy: 0.3%
  • 5 Control output: RELAY SSR SCR 4-20mA 0-10V (If 4-20mA output, you can choose PID control or analog output) Alarm output: 2 lines output, 7 kinds of alarm mode: high / low / high deviation / low deviation/ interval / out of interval /breakage alarm
  • 6 Dimensions: TA4: 48*48*80 TA6: 48*96*80 TA8: 96*48*80 TA7: 72*72*80 TA9: 96*96*100 TA10: 160*80*70 Case class: IP65
  • 7 Power supply: regular: 90-260V AC/DC, others: 12-30V AC/DC

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MyPin TA4-SNR  Solid State Relay driver thermostat.

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