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Mono block chiller refrigeration 7-9m3 pattons and realcold active

Coolroom refrigeration mono block 1205 watt - 7-9m3 room

  • $2,945.00

Mono block chiller refrigeration 7-9m3

1205 watts 0°C to 10°C

• It integrates evaporator, condenser, compressor, electrical control units into one body. Easy to install & compact in structure

• Embraco compressor from Slovakia, Maneurop compressor from France.

• Evaporator has grooved copper tube and aluminum fins.

• Intellegent controls with automatic temperature set, temperature control and automatic defrosting

• Protection devices for over loading, sub-heating, lack of phase, high & low pressure etc

Model YTKB1006MY
Room volume(m3 ) 7~9
Embraco (Hermetic piston) NEK6213GK
Horsepower 0.50
Input (KW) 0.40
Hot gas defrost
Evaporator air flow (m3/h) 950
Condenser flow (m3/h) 1100
External dimension (L1*W1*H1) 445*360*730
Internal dimension (L2*W2*H2) 390*455*345
Voltage 230V/1P/50Hz


Chiller or coolroom for FOOD & DRINK manufacturer and retail FISH & SEAFOOD wholesaler or retailer Farm & hotels & restaurants & agriculture Warehousing/distribution Pharmaceutical & Medical