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Industrial dehumidifier 8.8L/Hour

Industrial dehumidifier 8.8L/Hour

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Industrial dehumidifier 8.8L/Hour

When it comes to protecting your business facility or restoring areas plagued by water and moisture damage, you need a heavy-duty dehumidifier than can tackle the toughest jobs. Industrial and commercial dehumidifiers provide humidity control in warehouses, storage areas, manufacturing plants, office buildings, restaurants, bars, sports facilities, locker rooms, indoor pool and spa environments, marine environments, and other areas that are vulnerable to excessive humidity. These efficient dehumidification systems reduce high humidity levels quickly and work continuously to maintain proper humidity levels, preventing costly repairs. Additionally, they are particularly ideal for water damage restoration tasks, including excess water removal, high-speed drying, and humidity reduction.

Model 8.8H
Size(mm) 470*770*1630
Voltage AC400V 3PH 50HZ
Power 4120W
Net weight 130KGS
Humidity removal 8.8L/Hour
Working temperature 5-38C
Compress Panasonic
Air circulation 2500㎥/h
Evaporator Copper tube aluminum
Timer function 24hours


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