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Ice Machine 1500kg Flake ice maker.

Ice Machine 1500kg, Flake Type

  • $12,960.00

Commercial flake ice machine

LRT 1500kg per 24hrs

Flake ice is a soft, snow-like ice that is frequently used in supermarkets to display fish and produce. Unlike cubes, flake ice has no hard edges which sometimes bruise the fish or produce. Laboratories and research facilities use flake ice to hold test tubes and samples that require constant chilling.

Flake Ice Applications

  • Supermarkets - to display fish and produce.  Unlike cubers, flake ice has no hard edges which would bruise the product and keeps fish and produce properly hydrated and chilled for best presentation and shelf life.
  • Laboratories and research facilities - to hold test tubes and samples that require constant chilling.  The snow-like quality of flake ice molds itself well to even the smallest test tubes, holding them in position without spilling.
  • Restaurants - for salad bars.  Unlike cubes, flake ice molds well and holds salad bar containers in position without spilling.  Restaurants and bars may also use flake ice for some iced drinks.
  • Rehab facilities - for ice baths and in ice bags because it confirms well to body contours.
  • Bakeries - to chill dough which would otherwise become too hot during the mixing process.