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Heat Transfer Kit Four Room, with thermostat, adjustable grilles

Heat Transfer Kit Four Room, with thermostat, adjustable grilles

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HTU Heat Transfer Unit Four Room

Adjustable outlet grilles version

So you have a fire in the lounge right and you ask why is it so hot in lounge and cold in the rest of the house, will that's easy the fire needs air to burn quite a lot of it, as the fire burns air it creates a vacuum which pulls air from all the rooms which have tiny gaps going outside where there is cold air the fire needs this air inside your home to keep burning, but this cold damp air can be displaced by taking warm air from the ceiling near the the flue of your fireplace, this is where heat transfer products come into play they are made up from a inlet grille, lengths of insulated ducting, a fan to move the air down the duct and a outlet diffuser in the rooms you wish were warmer. Heat transfer systems can be easily installed by the homeowner.



Use the excess capacity of your heating appliance to warm other rooms in your home.

How? With the HTU Heat transfer Unit!

An average size lounge requires 2-6 kw of heating, yet heating appliances such as log burners* can generate 10-20kw.
That’s 5 times the amount of heat required for a lounge room. This leaves an excess of 8-14 kw of heat available to warm other rooms in your home.
Air trapped at ceiling level can reach temperatures in excess of 30°C. So why not Transfer that heat to where it’s needed
• Improves energy efficiency
• Easily installed by a handy personө
• Thermostat or speed controllable
• Constant Air Movement reduces the risk of damp
• Quiet powerful fan
• One, two, three or four room kits available
• Low power consumption (80 watt)#

* Please talk to us before using with a Heat Pump
ө It is recommended to use a registered electrician to wire the fan.
# Applies to three room model.

HTU Heat Transfer Unit 4room kit c/w ThermostatRAA31, made in New Zealand

Kit contains: in-line fan (200mm, FID 210 l/s), inlet grille, four adjustable outlet grilles, 3x 3way splitter, insulated duct (one length 200mm x 6m, two lengths 200mm x 3m, plus four lengths 150mm x 3m), duct tape (2x 6m).

Add more 150mm Insulated 3m Ducting or 200mm Insulated 3m Ducting

Add more 150mm Insulated 6m Ducting or 200mm Insulated 6m Ducting

Download Heat transfer information and how to installation

Heat transfer products, Heat Transfer Kits, Heat Transfer systems.


200mm inlet grille which is near the fire200mm inlet grille which is near the fire

200mm inlet grille (large with solid core) and 150mm outlet grilles (smaller with adjustable core) for heating the bedrooms.

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