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EK-3030 Refrigeration controller for freezer, chiller and cool rooms

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Elitech EK-3030 Refrigeration controller for cold storage, freezer, chiller and cool rooms

Note: Supplied with two NTC(10KΩ/25°C,B-3435K) Air probes

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1 Phase Power relay 25 AMP 2NO or 25 AMP 1NO 1NC

3 Phase Contactor 18 AMP 7.5kW or 25 AMP 11kW

Elitech Multi-Purpose refrigeration controller  EK-3030 is widely used for the small and medium size cold storage, Skope, deli and dairy cabinets, with the purpose of refrigeration, defrost, evaporator fan control, and alarm sounder.
Large red LED display area shows all necessary information. The relay directly controls small compressor loads up to 2amp, for lager loads a power relay is necessary. Icon LEDs show the status of compressor, Fan and defrost. Password protection avoids accidental tampering by personnel . Replaces Carel IR32, IR33, IREV series, Dixell series panel mount refrigeration and defrost controls.


1) Technical parameters: Power Supply: 220VAC±10%,50/60Hz
2) Power Consumption: Less than 5W
3) Temperature Measuring Range: -40°C~99°C
4) Accuracy: ±0.5°C T
5) temperature Controlling Range -40°C~90°C
6) Resolution: 0.1°C/1°C or 1F
7) Relay Capacity of Compressor: Compressor 2A/240VAC Max.
8) capacity of controlling the compressor: 3P Defrost 10A/220VAC Fan 10A/220VAC Max.
9) Mounting size 71mm x 29mm (hole cut out)
10) Buzzer sounder for alarms
11) Work Temperature: -5°C~60°C
12) Sensor Type: NTC(10KΩ/25°C,B-3435K)
13) Sensor length 2mts
14) Meets ISO14001 and ISO9001

Carel defrost controller for refrigeration EK-3030


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