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Danfoss underfloor FH-WC 24 vac wiring centre

Danfoss underfloor FH-WC 24 vac wiring centre

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Danfoss underfloor FH-WC 24 vac wiring centre 

FH-WC is a wiring connection box for use in a water based floor heating system supplied from a manifold with thermo-actuators. The unit is a wiring centre for connecting up to 10 thermostats and 10 underfloor thermo-actuators. If any of the thermostats have a heating request the relays for the circulator pump and heating source (heat-pump, boiler) will close. The pump relay and heating relay are clean contact so are independent to each other and the wiring centre power supply.

Code Number 088H0017
Product Connection Box
Type FH-WC 24V
Thermo-actuators Outputs 10
Power supply 230 VAC
Power supply thermostat 24 VAC
Power supply thermo-actuators 24 VAC 3 Watt Max
Pump Relay 1 Clean contact
Heating Source Relay 1 Clean contact