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150mm small in line ducted fan

Axial in-line fan 150mm

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VE150VKO1k Lpress - Axial in-line fan w fastening bracket

• Continuous or periodic exhaust ventilation of bathroom, showers, kitchens and
other utility spaces.
• Can be used for supply or extract.
• Designed for PVC ducting system or flexible ducts.
• Low to medium air flow for short distances at low air resistance.
• The casing and impeller are made of high-quality durable ABS plastic, UV
• The clever impeller design makes for high fan efficiency and long service life.
• Protection rating IPX4
• Reliable and low-watt electric motor.
• Designed for continuous operation and requires no maintenance.
• Equipped with overheating protection.
• The motor is equipped with ball bearings for long service life (approx 40,000
hours) and fan mounting at any angle. The bearings are maintenance-free and
contain enough grease for the entire operating period.
• 5-blade low-noise impeller with improved aerodynamics for higher fan capacity.
• The fan can be controlled by a standard light switch (not included).
• Speed control is possible through a thyristor speed controller (eg VERS-1-400).
Several fans may be connected to the same regulator unit.
Mounting Features
• The mounting bracket enables fan installation on both horizontal and vertical flat
surfaces (VKO1k model).
• Two fans can be mounted in series for higher performance

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