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3 Channel Paperless Data Recorder MIK 200D with LCD Display

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MIK-RX200D 3- Channel Paperless recorder

RX200D series is a instrument using high-performance and high-speed microprocessor,with 3 inch 320*200 resolution LCD screen, suit to monitor and control several signals like press,temperature, flow and etc.
RX200D can input standard current, standard voltage, thermocouple,thermal resistance, frequency and etc. It can provide relay alarm output and use USB flash disk or communication connection to read the data through the software.
Paperless recorder has the graph ,real time data and histogram display mode. It can print the field data when connecting to the mini printer and also can do the sound-light alarm when alerter connected.

Download Instructions MIK-RX200D 1- Channel Paperless recorder

Product Specification


Input: (0-10)mA,(0-5)V,0-20mV.0-100mV
Accuracy: ±0.2%FS
Input impendance: standard current signal input 250 ohm,other signal input>20M ohm
Isolation: channel and GND isolation voltage>500VAC; 
Channel and channer isolation voltage>250VAC
Power supply: AC voltage 100-240VAC, leakage current 10mA 1min
Alarm output: 250VAC,3A relay
Watchdog: integrated Watchdog chip to assure the system stable
RTC: Using hardware real time clock and with Lithium battery when the power off, maximum error ±1min/month
Powe fail safeguard: Data is saved in the Flash storage needn't the backup battery. Every data will not be missed in case off poweroff.
Communication: interface:RS-485 or RS-232
Sampling period: 1s
Recorder: 1s/2s/5s/10s/15s/30s/1m/2m/4m
Display: 3 inch LCD screen
Size: boundary dimension  160mm*80mm
install dimension       156mm*76mm

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