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250mm round vent grill grille register and diffuser

250mm Round Ceiling Diffuser

  • $39.00

250mm Round Ceiling Diffuser

Also known as a vent grill grille register and diffuser. 

*PYCD Round ceiling diffusers:- Spread air out around the room without creating obvious draught patterns. Incrementally adjustable from fully closed.
*PYDJD Downjet diffusers:- Throws air downward in a column. Useful for high ceilings and stairwells to push air a long way.
*PYHD Heritage Diffusers:- Three stage regulation from closed through partially open to fully open so that airflow needs can be tailored. - Fully adjustable (one touch adjustment for air flow control) - Incorporating neck adaptor and spring loaded fixing clips.

Suitable for standard Gib, suspended, t rail, rondo, metal battens ceilings.