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40 amp Three Phase Solid State Relay

40 amp Three Phase Solid State Relay (SSR-3DA-25-480)

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40 amp Three Phase Solid State Relay

Note these must be used with a Heat Sink

Model No: SSR-3DA-25-480 
480 VAC, 25A
Size:  LWH 109mm x 78mm x 40mm
Screw: Diameter 4mm
Weight: 410g
Package Content: 1 Solid State Relay, 1 Terminal Cover, 4 x Fixing Screws

Current rating, as a general rule consider using the relay at no more than 70% of its rated current.

Recommended Heater Loads
SSR Rating Current draw At 240 VAC Total At 400 VAC
10 amp 7.0 amp 1.6kW 4.6kW
25 amp 17.5 amp 4.0kW 11.6kW
40 amp 28.0 amp 6.4kW 18.6kW
60 amp 42.0 amp 10.0kW 28.0kW
80 amp 56.0 amp 13.0kW 37.0kW
100 amp 70.0 amp 16.2kW 46.5kW

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