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MK-PFS4 1/2 BSP (15mm) ABS plastic flow switch

MK-PFS4 1/2 BSP (15mm) ABS plastic flow switch

  • $11.80

Plastic flow switch

MK-PFS4 1/2 male thread BSP (15mm) ABS 

Installation Mode:Vertical Or Horizontal(With the symbol of direction of flow on the Body) 
No standby power requirement
Install inline with the pipe
Self-Clean Function
Male thread 1/2 BSP (15mm)
Max Contact Rating:10W
Max Switching Voltage:220V
Min Breakdown Voltage:200 VDC
Max switching current:0.3 A
Suitable for control circuits or small relays like Omron LY2 series
Must not switch inductive loads like contactors or motors no matter how small the current

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